Sunday, April 15

First confirmed death due to fossil fuel burning warming the climate

Well finally, after 20 years of ominous warnings that so-called "global warming" was gonna kill the entire planet...Wait, the activists renamed that warming thing to something else.  What was it?

Oh yeah: "climate change."  Cuz actual, y'know, scientists found that the planet wasn't actually warming by an amount larger than the measurement error.  And of course by changing the name to "climate change" the former "warmies" would win no matter which way things went.

Is that a cool deal or what?  "Heads or tails, we win. Suckers."

Anyway, after decades of warnings that "global warming" was gonna kill people, someone has actually died from it.  And right here in the U.S!   And not just anywhere, but in the most powerful city in the nation:  New York City!

And significantly, the death was conclusively proven to be due not to some mythical "natural" cause, for example by something as silly and trivial as, um, the Sun, but was specifically tied to the dangerous, lethal, use of fossil fuels!

SEE?!!  We enlightened, educated "elites" told you knuckle-dragging, sister-marrying, gun-crazed mouthbreathers that burning fossil fuels was gonna kill people!  But did you listen?  NO!!!  So maybe now that someone has actually died from fossil fuel use, next time your betters tell you how things are you'll believe us, right?

Yes, beloved New York lawyer David Buckel was killed by the planet-killing burning of fossil fuels.  Buckel, a well-known “green” activist who was active in advancing gay and transgender rights … committed suicide by using gasoline to set himself on fire Saturday morning in a Brooklyn park.  He left a note saying he was burning himself to death using “fossil fuel” as a protest.

Interestingly, the average high-income New Yorker jets across the Atlantic or Pacific about twice a year, burning far more fossil fuel than you do.  In fact the really rich have their own jets  You'd think the guy would have started by protesting *that*.  But of course, that wouldn't have been well received by the glitterati.

It's also interesting that a) the planet isn't actually warming (outside the margin of error of the measurements), and b) the astronomy folks think there's evidence that the sun may be entering a long-term period of lower solar activity.  Which would likely mean....

Wait, what was I thinking?  Everyone with an Ivy-education--and of course that's the only education worthy of the term--knows the Sun has no effect at all on Earth's climate!  It's totally constant, never varies by even a fraction of a percent. 

But of course you wouldn't know that unless you'd graduated from Hahvahd.

Seriously, I'm not celebrating the death of a mentally ill person.  But sometimes all we can do in the face of tragedy is laugh.


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