Saturday, April 14

Q to Comey: "Did Trump have the right to know..." Comey: I don't know"

When James Comey was director of the FBI he undertook to brief incoming president Trump on what the FBI knew about the infamous "dossier" that contained all manner of damaging claims against the new president.

Keep in mind that the FBI knew the origin of the information--a known Trump-hater--and that all the content was unsourced and unconfirmed.  Indeed, the FBI had paid a reported $150,000 for the thing. So wouldn't you think that would be part of any actual, y'know, briefing about it?

Apparently Comey didn't think that part was worth mentioning to the new president.

Comey knew about the FBI's role, and the bullshit content of the dossier, so his refusal to mention it in the so-called briefing shows that he was trying to hide the info from the president.

Oh, you didn't hear anything about that?  Gosh, that's...odd.  You'd think this would be a blockbuster revelation.  A game-changer.

So read the tweet below.  Seems a loyal Democrat propagandist--George Stephanopoulos--interviewed fired FBI director James Comey a few days ago.

George Stephanopoulos was press secretary for Bill Clinton.  He's a loyal Democrat.  When he left that position he was immediately hired by one of the alphabet networks, where he's been ever since.

Why would a loyal Democrat ask ANY question that would impugn the actions of the key agency leading the effort to cripple Trump?  Seems to me there are only two possibilities:
    1. Laundering the reputation of the network.  They want to be seen (by morons) as having been reasonably even-handed in reporting this astonishing scandal; or
    2. They're playing damage-control, setting Comey up to take the blame if the whole sordid, illegal mess unravels.  Of course this won't be a problem for Comey since he's already been fired, and his pension is secure.  And he won't lose any invitations or luster among his anti-Trump friends for trying to sabotage the president.

So...everything's still on track for the Dems and the Lying Mainstream Media.


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