Sunday, March 25

RIP, Britain. Your scum-sucking pols have sold you out

In WW2 Britain joined other nations to defeat the Nazi war machine.  A few years later traitorous leftist politicians rejected the nation's heritage and embraced leftist policies--with predictable results.

As a result the U.K. is now in the process of being conquered by illiterate third-world savages.  Below is a still from a video of one such skirmish.  The 8 guys in the black vests are British cops, being chased around by one third-world savage with a knife.

Either none of the cops has a taser, or a billy-club, let alone a gun, or they've been ordered not to use force.  Given those orders--violation of which is career-ending--it's understandable that none is willing to close on an aggressive savage with a knife.

You can't blame these cops.  The blame lies with the left-wing politicians who ordered the head of the police force to send officers out without any weapons.  "Don't hurt the poor, oppressed immigrants, just reason with 'em."  Yeah, that'll work.  Just like reasoning with Hitler prevented WW2.

Oh, wait....

RIP, Britain.


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