Thursday, April 12

Democrats in Illinois have a bill to force all schools to teach the achievements of gays

Insanity by Democrat politicians, part #496,296:  The LGBT snowflakes in Illinois think it's just absolutely UNFAIR that taxpayer-funded schools don't teach about all the faaaabulous achievements gays have added to the U.S.  So they've persuaded their Democrat allies in the Illinois senate to introduce a bill that will force all public schools to take classroom time to teach this to all students.

Insane.  Every year highschool students learn less and less about the important things and more about bullshit like this.

Cowardly Democrat politicians--looking for votes, and to "virtue-signal"--are all too eager to go along.  They seem to think it's more important to force students to learn about the vital accomplishments of gays than to teach students things like math, history, the Constitution and so on.

You know, the things that might actually *help*.

And of course the teachers unions are absolutely fine with it.  Oh, and by the way, they've walked out of the classroom and are demonstrating the state capital for raises--which the Dem pols will give them (out of taxpayer funds) in exchange for their votes.

Hell of a system, eh?  Well, if you're gay or a teacher.


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