Saturday, March 24

The interesting alliance between the American Left and Islam

I keep seeing comments claiming that American Leftists are allied with either "Islam" or "radical Islam," depending on your definition.  Both seem determined to eliminate Christianity and western civilization.  Leftists will be happy to be rid of the former, and most of the latter.

I agree with the commenters to this point.  However, they almost always go on to claim the Left thinks that once this has been achieved, it will be able to defeat its former ally if necessary.

Here's where I think they're wrong, because the Leftist I know would never dream of such a thing-- because they truly believe Islam doesn't threaten them in any way.

For example, not a single Leftist is willing to admit that Muslims have declared certain parts of London to be "Muslim-controlled zones," in which alcohol, smoking and playing music are all banned.  According to the Left this is simply un-possible.

Same with the evidence that the incidence of rape in Sweden and Germany has skyrocketed, with virtually all that increase due to Muslim immigrants.

Eh, no matter, citizen.  Your betters have armed guards and live in gated communities, so won't be affected no matter what.  You, on the other hand, have to live with their decisions.


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