Monday, March 12

Man who murdered 3 unarmed people skates by marrying the only witness so she can't testify

How utterly effed up has the U.S. become?  Consider this one:

On Sept 8th, 2015, Joseph L. Nelson went to the home of his former girlfriend, 17-year-old Bianca Fletcher, who was also the mother of their 1-year-old child.  Also present were Bianca's current boyfriend, and Nelson's current girlfriend Shellana Davis.

Nelson argued with his former girlfriend, then shot her, her boyfriend...and their 1-year-old child.  Afterward he told two people he killed his ex, and sold the gun used.

The only surviving witness was the killer's current girlfriend.  While the case did the usual long, lazy meander thru the courts, the killer--in jail with bail set at a million dollars--managed to marry the girlfriend to prevent her from testifying, under the "spousal privilege."
Nelson, 23, is charged with killing his ex-girlfriend, 17-year-old Bianca Fletcher, her boyfriend, and her and Nelson's son on Sept. 8.  According to prosecutors, Davis told police she saw Nelson shoot Fletcher as the pair argued.

Nelson has denied any involvement in the case.
Prosecutors said they believe the marriage was intended to prevent Shellana Davis from testifying against Nelson under the state's spousal privilege law.
Prosecutors sought a court order to formally interview Davis on tape before the couple was married, as her eyewitness account of the events was a key element of the case.  But somehow the pair managed to get married before the court ruled on the motion.
What kind of creature shoots a defenseless 17-year-old girl?

What kind of creature shoots his own 1-year-old child?

Oh, that would be Joseph L. Nelson, pictured below.

See the source image

Almost surely acting on his attorney's advice, this stone-cold murderer managed to get his new girlfriend into the jail where he was being held, apparently along with some sort of bullshit "minister", and thus was able to get married, so to escape all penalty for killing three unarmed innocents.

He will get off, and will kill again.  And the highly-paid munchkins running our legal system will congratulate themselves on once more doing a great job.


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