Wednesday, January 31

Just another night in Sweden

Do you want to see what life in Sweden has come to?  (And most of Europe is headed for the same fate, for the same reason.)

You don't, of course.  Because if you see and know, you have to confront a horrible reality.  And if you do confront that, your friends will call you "racist" or intolerant.  Your call.

The girl below is a 19-year-old Swede, Sophie Johannson.  She was at a popular nightclub in the Swedish city of Malmo--a city dominated by Muslim immigrants, notorious for attacking native Swedes.  Even the police and firefighters refuse to enter certain areas of the city because the Muzz throw rocks and bottles at them.

19-year-old Sophie Johannson was allegedly attacked after a man in a nightclub groped her and she rejected him.

Sophie was dancing when "a man"--the Swedish newspapers refuse to be more specific because they're oh-so-politically-correct--grabbed her ass, and then got more aggressive from there.  She slapped him--a reasonable response to that sort of assault.

He punched her square in the face.

Scared and bloodied--and as the Swedish paper  put it, "hoping to avoid further escalation--Sophie and her friend quickly decided to leave the club.

But on their way out, the awful male assailant hit her over the head with a bottle.

This should make you furious.  What sort of male animal--after being rebuffed for grabbing a woman--not only punches her in the face but hits her over the head with a bottle?  He's much stronger, but that isn't enouth of an advantage.  Instead he decides to pick up a weapon to further attack a weaker person.  What kind of culture teaches that this is acceptable?

But of course, gentle reader, you already know.

There's a sick post-script to this already ghastly story:  According to the Swedish paper, 
 Police have yet to identify the man, whom Johansson described to the paper as being around 25 years old with a muscular build.  Law enforcement chose not to open an investigation since the man is unknown...
Did ya get that?  The ridiculously PC Swedish cops "chose not to open an investigation since the man is unknown."  Wouldn't you think that opening an investigation would be the way to, um...figure out who the ghastly assailant was?   It's hugely telling that the cops decided...not to.  Wouldn't wanna actually have to do any, you know, work--especially if it would result in identifying the attacker as a member of a group that your political bosses are determined to protect at all costs.

There's not a single male Swede with balls in the whole damn country.  France and Germany are close behind. 

And if the U.S. doesn't do something about illegals invading across our southern border, we're next.

If Democrat congress-whores manage--with the help of RINO republicans--to block construction of the wall, ending chain migration and the visa lottery, we don't stand a chance.

But by all means listen to Nancy Palsi and Chuckie Schumer and vote Democrat.  The invaders will thank you.


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