Saturday, August 12

Signs that the Democrats want to use force and violence to overthrow the government, part 186,425

Congress can impeach a president.  There's also a provision in the Constitution allowing removal if a president is incapacitated.

Neither of these means involves the military.  The only way the military could remove a president is by an illegal coup.  It's called "overthrowing the government of the United States by force."

If someone were to urge our generals to remove the president, that would clearly be "advocating the overthrow of the government by force"--an act that carries the death penalty.

Hard to imagine any American being so unhinged as to call for generals to remove the president--i.e. to stage a coup, eh?  But Democrats already have.  Yesterday:

Does anyone believe Twitter would have allowed this type of comment back when Obozo was emperor?  Anyone who posted this would have been handcuffed by the Secret Service in minutes.

To Democrats:  We conservatives have no influence over this crazy, treasonous bitch or her supporters.  The only way to stop this treasonous rhetoric is for reasonable Democrats--if there are any left--to bitch-slap Handler for weeks.  But you won't.  Cuz that would get your membership revoked.  And you people simply aren't willing to risk that. 

Anything but that, eh?

Civil war, folks.  Cuz the Dems won't voluntarily stop urging the overthrow of the government by force.


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