Friday, August 11

How ISIS treats the art of prior civilizations; here in the U.S. we're FAR more civilized

If you watch international news closely you know the story behind the photo below.  It shows two of the retarded, murderous thugs who are members of ISIS, destroying a one-of-a-kind statue from an ancient civilization in the ancient city of Palmyra.

They destroy artwork of older civilizations because they claim nothing of value could have existed before Mohammed, or something equally goofy.  And you can't reason 'em out of that belief, cuz they didn't get into it by reason.  It's just blind belief, and that's the end of it.

Of course that's the moronic, retarded thugs of ISIS.  Here in the far more "enlightened" United States, we would never think of doing something like that, right?

I mean, destroying the art of ancient civilizations just seems to be...dumb.  Case in point:  The British war museum has an original German Me-262 (the world's first jet fighter), a V-1 (first cruise missile) and a V-2 (first ballistic missile--an out-of-the-atmosphere rocket).  Stunning stuff.

So it's hard to imagine we in the enlightened West would ever remove artworks of an earllier era, because....wait, what?

Ah, wait:  The removal of historic statues in New Orleans and other southern cities is NOTHING AT ALL like ISIS.  Really.  There's a HUGE difference!  Cuz Democrats who run these cities are simply *removing* the statues, not destroying them.

Ah.  Of course they haven't actually said what the disposition will be.  Several small towns have said they'd love to have the statues but the mayors have so far not made any deals--cuz giving the statues to a small town would open the mayors to (gasp!) criticism. 

But I'll make a prediction:  The statues will simply disappear.  Of course they'll actually be melted down for scrap.  After a few years someone will ask what happened to 'em, and the official story will be that no one knows what happened to 'em.

40 years from now someone will surface to say he was there when the pieces were trucked in and melted down.  He'll be ridiculed as a nutcase.

But there is absolutely no similarity between the fanatics of ISIS and the fanatical Democrats and liberals who run large cities. 



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