Sunday, August 6

Left claims Trump has accomplished less at this point than any other prez; REALLY?

The Left and the Dems claim Trump has accomplished less after six months in office than any other president in history.  Really?  That's an amazing repudiation of history.  But of course, we expect lies from Dems.

Some accomplishments:
1) Nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
2) Withdrew the U.S. from fraudulent and crippling Paris "climate accords."
3) Ended U.S. support for the one-sided Trans-Pacific Partnership trade "deal" made by Obozo.
4) Over 850 incompetents at the VA fired.
5) Illegal immigration down 74%;
6) Restricted U.S. visits by people who hate us, from predominantly anti American countries.
7) Cancelled 876 Obama regulations.
8) Froze all federal hiring except for the military.
9) Approved the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline.
10) Directed federal agencies to eliminate two regulations for every new one they create.
11) Derected the DOJ and Homeland Security to withhold federal funds from "sanctuary cities," "except as mandated by law.”
12) Ordered prototype sections of the Wall built and tested on the Mexican border
13) Deleted the Obama edict that boys could use girls' locker rooms and restrooms; schools still free to build dedicated facilities for transgenders;
14) Ending Obama's policy of allowing "transgenders" from serving in the military (which policy forced the military to pay for sex-change operations!)
15) Ending Obama's policy that declared CO2 a "pollutant," allowing hundreds of efficient coal-fired powerplants to stay on-line, keeping electricity costs down;

Of course the Left/Dems hate all of these results.  Which surprises no one.

Hmmm...wonder what he could accomplish if Republicans in congress would support him instead of blocking his agenda?


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