Sunday, August 6

Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Shultz now claims laptop not hers, total reversing her earlier claim

When an elected congress-shit gets involved in a scandal, tells one story for months, then suddenly does a U-turn and tells a totally opposed story, what conclusion would a reasonable person draw?

If you've just arrived from Mars you may have missed the fracas involving former DNC chairperson 
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her prized computer-technology team of 5 Pakistanis, headed by Imran Awan.  If you'd like to see how this unfolded--and how obvious it was from the outset that this dipshit Democrat was totally crooked--click here, and here.

Short version is that the Awans were stealing everything that wasn't bolted down--but that's trivial compared to the big boom:  As computer-system "administrators" they were able to read the emails and briefing summaries of all the Democrat congresswhores who hired them.

They also illegally exported a few gigabytes of this data to a secret off-site server.

With that as background:  Capitol police found a laptop concealed in a niche in the capitol, and somehow were able to connect it to Debbie's office.  Debbie demanded that the cops NOT examine any data on it, and instead return it to her immediately, under a legal argument called the "speech and debate clause," which protects congresswhores from having their shit searched if the object of the search has anything to do with their legislative job.

Debbie is on video demanding that the capitol police return "her laptop" to her immediately, and threatening the chief with "consequences" if he didn't do as she demanded.  She told the chief “I’d like to know how Capitol Police handle equipment that belongs to a member or staffer that’s been lost in the Capitol complex and found or recovered by one of your officers. What happens?  My understanding is the the Capitol Police are not able to confiscate members’ equipment when the member is not under investigation,” she said.”

Even if one of her staffers was under investigation, she said, a laptop that belongs to her should not be viewable as evidence unless she herself is under investigation.  When the chief refused, Debs went so far as to hire an outside law firm to argue constitutional issues--an exceedingly unusual step.

If you view the video of Debs berating the cops, there's absolutely no doubt that she's claiming the laptop is hers.  Otherwise her claim that the "speech and debate clause" entitles her to it is obviously bullshit.

Ah, but that was then.

Last Thursday, after blocking examination of "her" laptop for months, Debs told a Florida newspaper “This was not my laptop. I have never seen that laptop. I don’t know what’s on the laptop.”  She said it was Imran’s laptop, but purchased using taxpayer funds from her office.

She told the paper she has now allowed police to examine the laptop (how gracious!).  To be more accurate, on July 19th Fox News reported that after blocking examination of the laptop for months, she was now open to “negotiating” over access.  A reasonable person would immediately ask "What kind of limitations did the corrupt congress agree to in this 'negotiation' with Debs?"

Her local paper called her “defiant” in the interview, saying she kept Imran — who had access to all of her congressional emails as well as her personal iPad password — on staff even after police told her he was the target of a criminal investigation into cybersecurity issues because “you have to stand up for what’s right.”

A few days ago Imran Awan was arrested on a charge of bank-fraud while boarding a plane for Pakistan.  His wife had flown to Pakistan about six weeks earlier.

Wasserman Schultz said it was “absurd” to say that Imran was fleeing the country, since both he and his wife Hina Alvi — also employed by Wasserman Schultz as an IT person — bought round-trip tickets.

Debs is sure that little detail will convince enough of her constituents to re-elect her.

The question is, if you're not a brain-dead, low-info Democrat, what do you think caused Debs to totally reverse her story about the laptop being hers?


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