Monday, June 26

Obamacare premiums rose an average of over 100% in past three and a half years, so...

Right now congress is trying to decide what to do about what the emperor and the Democrats laughably named the "Affordable Healthcare Act," better known as Obamacare.

The AHA is a disaster: Millions had health-insurance policies that they were happy with cancelled because they didn't comply with provisions of the new law.  Millions found that the new premiums were just as high as those on their old policies--but now came with $20,000 deductibles!  Meaning that the insurance essentially only paid in the event of a catastrophic illiness.

Over the last three-and-a-half years average premiums have more than doubled.  Ponder that one for a minute. 

Obama promised--numerous times, caught on video--that the average family would save $2,500 PER YEAR in premiums.  That was bullshit from the outset, yet the media have totally ignored it.  Doesn't help The Narrative, eh?  Can't have that!

One of the sales pitches for Obamacare was that before it was enacted only five or six big insurance companies served any given state.  Obama and the Dems promised that the new bill would increase competition among insurance companies by allowing them to operate in every state, and this competition would keep premiums down.

Funny that when Repubs suggest that if competition is helpful, and suggest the principle should be applied to public schools, the Dems scream bloody murder.  Fact is, Dems have always hated the idea of competition--except in the case of health care.  Oh well...

Unexpectedly (that word keeps popping up with Democrat programs), the insurance companies offering Obamacare policies lost money  hand over fist, and responded by cutting back the areas in which they operated.  As a result, in many parts of the country now, only one company offers health insurance.  So that didn't work out anywhere near the way the Dems promised it would, eh?  No matter....

Many Republicans in congress ran on a promise to repeal O-care outright, but senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan are afraid this will anger too many voters.  It's hard to see how that would happen since the Dems won't vote Republican in any case, and conservative voters are demanding that the repeal the disaster.  But of course ordinary voters mean as little to the RINO aristocracy as they do to Pelosi and Obama--which is to say, not at all.  So looks like instead of repealing it, the RINO leadership wants to...expand it!

Yes, yes, they're patching some smallish things that were really egregious, but the problem is way bigger than that:  It's unavoidable that if the law commands that insurance companies must cover those with pre-existing conditions at no higher premium, there's no reason for people to get insurance before they get sick.  This means fewer people paying premiums, but no reduction in health costs

Gosh, what do you suppose has to happen in that case?  Yep:  Higher premiums.  Which is precisely what we've been seeing under Obozocare.  BIG increases.  But wait--didn't they promise you your premium would go DOWN--"the average family will save $2,500 PER YEAR"? 

Yes, they did.  And how's that working?  Well, the average premium has more than doubled in the last 3.5 years.

Of course once the Dems rammed the law thru promising low-income people "free" health care, then as the Democrats planned and knew would happen, the poor would scream bloody murder if they thought the Repubs were moving to take that--or any other "freebie"--away from them.  As more than one hyperventilating Democrat congresscritter has screamed, "MILLIONS WILL DIE!!!!!!" if the repubs change a single word of the sainted emperor's magnum opus.

Then when some nutcase guns down a Repub congresscritter on a ballfield, Dem pols give this look of total, wide-eyed innocence and say they can't imagine what might have motivated the shooter.

Oh well....

Unfortunately, it's easy to see how this will play out:  Enough RINOs--worried about re-election rather than long-term good--will vote no on the revision.  The Dems will laugh uproariously, as this will force the repubs to "compromise" on the revision.  Dems love this because they are masters at so-called compromise with the GOP.  The answer is that the so-called compromise will give the Dems everything they demand.  Why?  Because they know how scared the RINO leadership is, so the Dems know they have no reason whatsoever to compromise, on a single point.  So they won't.

The result will be just as bad as the original.  But now the repubs will have signed on, so they lose all ability to criticize any disaster that results.  And result it will.

It's really too bad that no one in the repub party has the brains God gave a gnat, because it would be easy to turn the tables on the Dems.  Because Obozocare is imploding financially.  They should all read the same script:  "The Dems passed this disaster without a single amendment from our side.  It's their deal, and it's a complete, utter disaster.  They need to admit it, and compromise to fix it.  But they refuse.  So unfortunately, we can't pass a replacement.  If you want this revived, demand that they compromise."

But they won't.


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