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Antifa member attacks police horse--news report makes attacker seem part of anti-sharia group


A small percentage of people are crazy, regardless of group affiliation.  (Of course lots more crazies gravitate to some groups than to others but...)  For that reason I rarely post about actions of individual nutters.

But I'll make an exception in this case.  America, meet "nut-case from Philly."
This angry creature reportedly attacked a police horse with a flag pole during a demonstration in Harrisburg last Saturday.  The flag pole had a nail in the end, and she stabbed the horse in the neck with it.

So what motivated this charmless waste of skin to attack the horse?  Funny you should ask, cuz the local Fox station worked hard to mislead you.  (If Fox was ever conservative, they sure as hell aren't anymore.)  Here's how they reported it:
The incident unfolded during a demonstration at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex in Harrisburg shortly after 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. The demonstration was part of “March Against Sharia.”
Ah, so according to the local Fox station this creature was/is part of the "March Against Sharia," eh?  Well now it makes sense!  Cuz everyone knows that anyone who's opposed to sharia is a Christo-fanatic right-wing nutter and hater, right?

Wait...what?  Looking further down in the article you find that this creature was NOT part of the "Against Sharia" group after all, but was part of a counter-protest organized by the charmless fascists who cunningly call themselves "Antifa" (which by all indications stands for "anti-first-amendment").

Eh, maybe the Fox station's identification of the person as part of the "march against sharia" was just an accident.  Yeh, dat's it.  Cuz, like, here's how the pro's at the Miami Herald did it:
A Pennsylvania woman is facing multiple criminal charges for resisting arrest and assaulting a police horse after a protest and counter-protest at the state capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, became heated.
Two people were arrested at Saturday’s demonstration, which was aimed at protesting Sharia, Islamic law, and was part of a nationwide network of protests...
One of those arrested was Lisa Joy Simon, 23, PennLive.com reports. Simon, from Philadelphia, was one of several people at the event observed carrying weapons, including sharpened bamboo poles and baseball bats, according to PennLive.
It is unclear if Simon was part of the original anti-Sharia protest or the counter-protest against it.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article155763324.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article155763324.html#storylink=cpy
Wait...so the Miami Herald report ALSO implied that the horse-attacker was part of the demo "aimed at protesting sharia, Islamic law..."   Hmmm...again, the attacker was part of the other side--Antifa--but incorrectly ID'd by the Lying Media as being with the anti-sharia protest.

So was this cunning "mis-lead" effective?  Well, half the commenters to the Herald article were totally convinced that Simon was part of the anti-sharia protesters.  As one fooled commenter put it,
"That skinhead, the glaring eyes blazing with hatred, the lashing out violently at the first available opportunity, using a club with a nail sticking out of ir--a favorite weapon of ultra-right-wing skinheads--she is the poster skank for the white supremacist movement. I'm sure she has Pepe the White Supremacist Frog and "MAGA" tattooed somewhere on her meth-ravaged body, along with various swastikas, iron crosses, SS lightning bolts and a Confederate flag or two."

Note that comment was from a reader who bought the bullshit implication of the article that the creature who attacked the horse was a conservative Trump supporter instead of a member of Antifa. And ya gotta' loved "MAGA tattooed on her meth-ravaged body."  Yeah, no hate from that commenter, eh?

On their fakebook page the South Jersey Antifa expressed their outrage that their "comrade" was arrested for...something, writing
A comrade was arrested while trying to demonstrate against an anti-Muslim rally in Harrisburg. The charges are entirely fabricated and do not reflect what actually happened during the incident. The bail is set at an extraordinary $100,000. It is clear that this person is being held as a political prisoner.
Folks, this attack--though trivial in effect--highlights the kind of mindless rage that will eventually get a lot of people killed.  Regardless of whether one hates cops, I think all of us would agree that the horse is blameless.  If this nutter would attack a horse, do ya think it would hesitate to stab or club you if it thought it could get away with it?

Here's the creature's mugshot:

This is the face of the charmless thugs calling themselves "Antifa."  They're communists, and filled with a mindless rage.  So naturally they project that rage onto their enemies.  Which would be you.

A more serious concern is the eagerness of the Lying Media to put this creature in the pro-Trump camp


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