Monday, June 12

One year after Pulse nightclub murders WaPo writes a retrospective--not a word of killer's allegiance or motive

One year ago Omar Mateen walked into a nightclub in Orlando and started shooting, killing 49.  In the middle of the killings Mateen called both a local station and 911, pledging allegiance to the leader of ISIS.  He also left a fakebook post to the same effect.

On the anniversary of that murderous rampage the Washington Post did a retrospective piece.

And of course you can count on your betters in the Mainstream Media to give you the unbiased facts, right?

Which is why the Post article didn't mention a single word about the killer's 911 call, fakebook post or ideology. 

To the editors of the Post, the killer's statement "I pledge allegiance to [Islamic State leader] Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, may God protect him, on behalf of the Islamic State" didn't shed any light at all on they killer's possible motive.

In fact the Post managed to write the retrospective without using the words "terrorism," "terror," "ISIS," "Islam," "Muslim," and "al-Baghdadi" even once.

To read the WaPo piece  click here.


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