Tuesday, June 13

Crazy snowflake academic claims "genius," "brilliance" and "flair" are sexist, demands they not be used

Did you know that the words “brilliance,” “genius,” and “flair” are sexist?  Oh, and also "classist" and have some negative connotation having to do with ethnicity.

Yeah, surprised me too, but that's what one special-snowflake PhD at Cambridge claims.

The snowflake--a history prof--says “We’re rewriting our first two years of our History degree to...try and root out the unhelpful and very vague talk of ‘genius,’ of ‘brilliance,’ of ‘flair’ which carries assumptions of gender inequality and also of class and ethnicity.”

She explained that since terms like “brilliance,” “genius,” and “flair” have too often been used to describe men, professors shouldn't use them.  The actual quote: "Some of those words--in particular, 'genius'--have a long intellectual history where it has long been associated with qualities culturally assumed to be male."

Really, she said that.

Similarly, she claims women might have difficulty thinking that they were “brilliant” because the word has historically been associated with men.

But I was curious:  if those terms are the masculine, what's the feminine form?  You know, like they don't want anyone to use the phrase "All men are created equal."  So I'm thinking, just maybe there's a femine version, a form like "geniusa"?  "Flaira"?  Like the 24 pronouns that snowflakes are so pissy about making sure you use.  (In NYC there's an actual *regulation* from their their laughably-misnamed "Human Rights Division" that will fine you if you use pronouns for someone that aren't the ones they've chosen.  I'm not kidding.)

But on reading again I see that her screech isn't that nasty ol' white males refuse to use the snowflake-approved female forms for these words--cuz there ain't any.  Instead the screech is that because most of the people widely thought to be "geniuses" have been men, she demands that the term itself be dropped.  Same for "brilliant" and "flair," I guess.

Oh, and she cunningly adds "terms *like*..." meaning that she may yet find more words in the language that she claims are sexist.  For example, by this "logic" she'd ban "strong."  And "heroic."  And "warrior."  The list of potential words that this bitch would ban is f'n endless.

Of course she'd counter--as all fascist moonbats do when their goals are criticicized--that she's not demanding that the terms "genius," "brilliance," "flair" and others actually be banned, citizen.  Perish the thought!  Ignorant knuckle-dragging "deplorables" would no doubt continue to use 'em.  But if you were employed in academia or government or the corporate world, using those non-approved terms would be career-ending moves.

People this crazy need to migrate to, oh, the moon.  Oh, and not reproduce.


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