Tuesday, May 30

Hollywood leftist poses as if she's just beheaded president Trump; Leftists rush to condemn her. Oh wait....

Leftists claim they're really, really all about "tolerance."  And non-violence.

This, as anyone with an IQ over room temperature knows, is pure horse-shit.

Exhibit "A" to demonstrate this is very graphic, and if you want to see it you'll have to hit page-down a couple of times.  It's a skanky liberal "comedian" posing as if she's just cut off President Trump's head.

Still waiting for a single leftist or Democrat to publicly say "This is way over the line."  They won't.

And imagine how the Lying Media would have reacted if anyone on the right had held up a prop of Obama's severed head.  The entire media would have been screaming bloody murder for six weeks!

Skank's name is Kathy Griffin.  Appears on TV talk-shows and such, from what I gather.

Looks like a barrel of laughs.  Hope she's out of work soon, but given the twisted nature of Dems, leftists, socialists and related skanks my guess is this will just increase her bookings.  Sick fucks.


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