Monday, June 5

Lessons from London: the important thing is not to make anti-Muslim comments

Minutes after three bearded guys shouting "Allhu akhbar" ran over a dozen pedestrians on a London bridge, then began cutting the throats of the injured, unarmed police ran into a nearby cafe and ordered everyone to get down on the floor.  One guy used his phone to video this.

As the patrons lay on the floor, presumably fearing they were about to be killed, one customer shouted "F*cking Muslim c*nts!"

In an event that shows the state to which the Brits have been reduced, in the MIDDLE OF THE ATTACK the man filming told the man who made the comment that "the problem isn't Muslims."  After the attackers had been killed he posted the video to the net.

Many commenters on the poster's Twitter feed agreed that the poster was right to criticize his fellow Brit for making an anti-Muslim comment as the fatal attack was still ongoing.  That is, even as attack WAS IN PROGRESS, with citizens cowering on the floor, the important thing to these commenters was to refrain from using language offensive to Muslims.


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