Thursday, May 25

Now a few swamp-dwelling RINO repubs are calling for a tax on carbon !

Many analysts have warned that congress--mainly Democrats but aided by shitty RINOs--is hell-bent on enacting a tax on CO2 emissions.

If you think that's unlikely, you haven't been paying attention. 

And now, sure enough, a group of RINOs calling themselves the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) has joined CO2-phobes in calling for a tax on carbon-dioxide emissions. The group claims CO2 emissions are fatally warming the Earth, threatening all life on the planet.

Economic analyses of various carbon-tax proposals consistently show they would harm all Americans and would be detrimental for the U.S. economy.  Leftists and Dems reply "But it's just a tiny, itty-bitty tax.  How can anyone be so selfish as to complain about such a tiny tax?"

Except that "itty-bitty, tiny tax" won't stay tiny.  Once the government gets a tax passed, it can and will rachet up the rate as much as it wants.  That's what happened to the federal income tax, and if you don't think it would happen here as well you're too naive to breed.

The Left will tell their base--the people who can't add two 4-digit numbers correctly, and believe the government can tax corporations without that tax being passed on to consumers--that they should support this tax because it will be paid more heavily by the rich, who use more energy and energy-intensive products. 

And if that argument isn't enough of a clincher for the low-info base, the folks pushing a tax on carbon promise they'll give some of the revenue generated by the tax back to low-income people.

So as far as low-info Democrat voters are concerned, this is a superb deal:  tax would be paid mainly by the rich, and a chunk of that tax is paid to po' folk!  Win-win!

The taxers' plan would *begin* by taxing carbon at $40 per ton. And the tax-pushers instantly claim that a family of four Democrat voters would receive a cash payout of approximately $2,000 a year--due solely to this new tax!--as part of the tax law.  Wow! 

CLC loudly claims that the under its plan a whopping 70 percent of Americans would get more in payouts (which they call "refunds") than they'd pay in increased direct energy costs and higher costs for all products.

Really, how can any low-income person not LOVE this idea?  It's even got electrolytes!  (That's a reference to a VERY on-point movie about the future U.S.)

CLC seems extremely pleased with its tax scheme.

Of course the proposed carbon tax would also involve policing costs, as criminals devise more ways to get a government carbon-tax-rebate check.  Ever heard how many people have defraud the gummint on just the Earned Income Tax Credit alone?

And of course, like with every other government program there will be huge costs associated with collecting and tracking the taxes paid, and rebates paid out. New employees will have to be hired.  A whole new government bureaucracy will be created--which is fine with congress.

But we're just getting started:  To prevent businesses from fleeing the country to escape all these taxes and costs, CLC proposes imposing a "border adjustment" for the carbon content of imports and exports.  Companies exporting American goods to countries without a carbon tax would get rebates for carbon taxes paid, while those importing products from such countries would have to pay extra fees on the carbon content of their products.

Hey, no fraud potential or new bureaucracy needed for that, right?

It’s also worth noting that CLC’s proposed “border carbon adjustment” will likely not hold up when challenged under various international trade agreements the United States is already a party to, including the World Trade Organization.

But hey, all the Dems need is to get 20 members of the House and 3 senators to join them, and the tax is a shoo-in.

Unless President Trump vetoes it.  Oh wait, the Dems will have forced him out of office.

Enjoy paying your carbon tax, suckers.


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