Friday, May 19

Dem mayor proclaims a day honoring a guy who ambushed and killed a cop; later says he had no idea, all done by a subordinate

How crazed--literally insane--are Democrats/leftists/socialists/marxists/"progressives"?

You can't imagine.

Last week the office of the Democrat mayor of Cincinnati John Cranley proclaimed June 1 "Tre Day" in honor of a man who ambushed and killed a police officer.

The mayor's office has now retracted that proclamation, claiming the mayor never approved it and had nothing to do with it.  They claimed it was "approved by a new staffer."

In 2015 Trepierre Hummons shot and killed Officer Sonny Kim before being fatally shot by another officer. Police officers described the incident as "suicide by cop."

The mayor's office said the request to the mayor to proclaim "Tre Day" was made by the killer's father.  The mayor's communications director said *she* approved the proclamation to "raise awareness of mental illness and child abuse."

This smells like bullshit, cover-your-ass-style damage control, but let's be generous and assume the mayor really didn't know anything about what his "communication director" was up to.  Does this sound even remotely like competence?


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