Monday, April 10

Key Democrat advisor snarks about GOP changing filibuster rule, forgets he "celebrated" a "reform" when Dems did it 4 years ago

Unless you're a political junkie you really can't appreciate what total, utter hypocrites Democrats are.

This isn't to say that Repubs aren't occasionally hypocritical, but Dems seem (to me, at least) to be hypocrites virtually every day.

Today's example:  Paul Begala was a Dem advisor and strategist for both Clintons and is still active in the party.  When Gorsuch was sworn in as a judge on the Supreme Court this morning, Begala put out a very sarcastic tweet:

He's calling the change of filibuster rules by the GOP "breaking the rules."  Got it?

Okay, let's go back to November 21st, 2013, when Dems controlled the senate:  Democrat Harry Reid used exactly the same procedure to prevent appointments of lower-court judges from being filibustered.  So of course Begala thought this was breaking the rules too.

Oh wait, he didn't:  He called this "filibuster reform," and something to be celebrated.

Yep, back then Begala touted the rule change on filibusters of judicial nominees as a "reform."  

Why would he now do something that shows how utterly hypocritical he is?  Isn't he worried that voters will see what a hypocrite his is--and by extension, the party he advised and supports?

The answer is, he didn't think anyone would find his earlier statement.  This is how Dems always think.  They think voters are stupid.

And for at least half the electorate, they're right.


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