Monday, April 10

Connecticut high school allows male who "identifies as female" to compete on girls' track team

The craziness of public schools under the suicidal push of transgender activists continues.  This time a high school in Connecticut has allowed a 15-year-old black male who "identifies" as female to compete on the girls' track team.

Not surprisingly, the guy wins every race.

What the coach of the girls' team said speaks volumes about how fucked up the public schools are: “I have a spectacular female athlete,” coach Brian Calhoun told the Hartford Courant. “There’s nothing more to say. To approach it in any other way might create some sort of issue or conversation.”

Funny stuff, eh?

Wonder what the feminists who pushed "Title 9" for female sports in schools will say when enough guys claiming to be girls start playing girls' sports that no actual, biological girls are able to make the team?

Of course that can't happen, right?

Wait... no one ever thought the government would have been insane enough to let biological guys claiming they "identified" as girls to compete against biological girls either, and yet that's what happened, right?

Wonder if sanity will ever return to the U.S.  And in time for the next crisis.


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