Thursday, December 22

EPA intentionally fails to archive 99.99 percent of agency texts; EPA I-G claims "all unintentional"

It's a fundamental principle of bureaucracies that they never meaningfully reform themselves.  This is proven again after congressman Lamar Smith, chair of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, learned that the thoroughly corrupt, incompetent EPA was failing to retain text messages, as required by federal law.

Smith had learned about this failure from whistleblowers, and two years ago asked the EPA's inspector-general to investigate and report to congress.   The report was released yesterday, TWO YEARS after the so-called investigation began.

The huge delay should be a clue.

Preliminary investigation showed that of about 3.1 Million text messages sent and received by that agencies 8 zillion employees, the EPA only found a few that they interpreted as "official business," thus by law requiring that they be "archived."

"Surely you meant 'a million or so' that had been saved, right?"

Uh, not quite.  Of 3.1 Million total texts, the number saved as "official business" was...wait for it...86.

Not 86-Thousand.  Eighty-six.  As in, less than a hundred.

For example, of the 5,000 texts sent or received by EPA head Gina "I used a fake email for years" McCarthy, that empress said a grand total of ONE was "official business."
And as you probably guessed, it gets worse:  The EPA "inspector-general" (or as the office is known around the agency, "Coverup Central") claimed the failure to archive all but 86 "official" texts was NOT intentional.  
You probably think this is bullshit, because no one could possibly claim that with a straight face.  Hahahahahahaha!  Click here to see the one-page IG "report" to congress.
Funny stuff, eh?  But why should ANY federal employee feel they need to comply with the law if Hilliary doesn't have to, and if the head of their agency leads by example?

Why, it's almost like we have two different sets of laws or something.

Just remember, citizen:  Your emperor claimed his was going to be the most transparent administration in history!  Of course the Mainstream Media constantly called him out on this whenever some agency--say, the State Department or something--started concealing tons of information that should have been in the public domain.

Oh wait, they didn't utter or print a single critical word.  Bloggers did, know, how can you believe something if it's not in the Times or the Post or from Brian Williams--"real" news sources?


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