Thursday, December 22

Black church in Mississippi torched; arsonist sprays "Vote Trump" on wall; Hilliary and media *outraged*...until...

Photos of the burned church went viral.  The national Lying Media was OUTRAGED!  The WaPost used the headline "Black church torched in Mississippi, with 'Vote Trump' painted on wall."  The Post went right to the anti-Trump message.  Here's their lede:
As firefighters neared the historically black church Tuesday night in Greenville, Miss., they saw flames in the windows and smoke pouring from the roof.

When they got closer, they could see two words spray-painted on the side of the burning sanctuary: “Vote Trump.”

Investigators believe the blaze at 110-year-old Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was set on purpose, Greenville Fire Chief Ruben Brown told The Washington Post. The suspected arson is being investigated as a hate crime by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.
Greenville's mayor called the fire a “hateful and cowardly act,” sparked by the incendiary rhetoric of GOP nominee Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. 
Note that the reason the Post claimed for someone burning the church--in red above--isn't a quote from the mayor but is the reporter's own speculation--which was obviously approved by the layers of editors the paper claims to have.  But the mayor had more to keep readers' anger pegged:
“We know what the black church means to the black community and the symbolism of the black church,” he told The Post. “This is the place [where] people freely assembled to pray and strategize on how to get civil liberties and rights that were denied to them.”
To further inflame passions the Post also ran a photo centered on the "vote Trump" message:

This is the exact pic the Post used--not cropped.  Very clear what their focus was.

The Post noted that a GoFundMe page had been set up.  In case a few readers still hadn't connected the arson to white racism (thus presumably to Trump supporters, since...well, you know) the Post made the explicit connection:
“The animus of this election cycle combined with the potent racial history of burning black churches as a political symbol makes this event something we must not ignore,” the GoFundMe page said. 
Got it:  Black church as symbol of civil rights.  Obviously burned by a Trump supporter who is the source of "the animus of this election cycle."  The incitement to hate Trump--and thus to vote for Hilliary--couldn't be any more obvious.  But the Post had add to make sure, adding a quote from the town's mayor:
 “This is a direct assault on black folks. It goes to the heart of intimidating folks.”
And finally, in case you missed the "vote Trump" spray-painted message, they mentioned it yet again:
The fire and “Vote Trump” message came with a week left in the campaign.
With the battle-space carefully prepped, Hilliary Clinton jumped in to express her righteous indignation, signalling her virtue to millions of Dems and adding to the outrage.

Greenville's mayor called the church burning "a direct assault on the Hopewell congregation's right to freely worship."  "There is no place for this heinous and divisive behavior in our city," he said. "We will not rest until the culprit is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Righteous outrage.  Perfectly reasonable.  Absolutely understandable.
So now, after the story has gone around the world a hundred times, outraged millions of people and done its expected damage to the national psyche, authorities think they've caught the perp, and have charged him with first degree arson.  

Good for the authorities!  Got that redneck knuckledragging Trump supporter!  Yay!

Wait...what?  Y'say the perp is not only black but also a member of the congregation of the church he burned??

Oh my.

I wonder how many people were convinced to vote for Hilliary by this "Trump-supporter-torches-black-church" hoax?  Wonder how many BLM-ers or white leftist loons were enraged by this story and are planning revenge against whites over this hoax?

Finally, I wonder how many left-wing loons are laughing about how easy it is to get ABC and every tv network and propaganda media outlet to run with stories that turn out to be contrived hoaxes--and scheming to contrive the next hundred?

UPDATE:  After the perp was charged and it was revealed that the arson was the work of a black member of the church, CNN decided to set the record running the photo below:

And the Left accuses *conservatives* of firing up hate?????


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