Wednesday, December 21

NY man fatally shoots a guy he believes is Donald Trump. Mainstream media totally ignores the story

Thirteen days ago in Ithaca New York a man fatally shot a UPS driver in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  Here's the original story.

Now here's what the liberal New York TV station didn't tell you:  The murderer told cops he had just killed...President-elect Donald Trump.

Seriously.  The killer said he knew Trump was going to be in the area, that he felt someone had to kill Trump, and that he waited in ambush outside the business for the man he believed to be Trump to come out.  Whereupon he fatally shot the man.

Now, clearly the killer is nuts, but...did you read this story in the NY Times?

No, you didn't.

How about the Washington Compost?

Again, you didn't.

Now...suppose a crazy white guy ambushed and killed a man because he believed he was killing Obama.  Do ya think the Times and Post and networks would embargo that story?  Hell no.  It would be the lead story for two nights, with updates for the next week about all the guy's connections and "real" motives.

But the story about a guy deliberately killing a man he thought was president-elect Trump? 

Total silence.

Of course crazy nutters have been with us forever.  And once in a great while a marginally-sane one will act against a president.  (Sarah Jane Moore and Lynnette "Squeaky" Fromme.)  But what would motivate this particular nutter to kill Trump?  Hmmm.....

The insane rhetoric of the Left and their media allies.  Period.

If anyone still thinks the media are impartial, unbiased, you're nuts.


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