Tuesday, July 26

Did the Founders mean for the prez to obey laws passed by congress?

"Congress makes things called 'laws,' and ordinary people must obey them.  But as everyone knows, the president is one of the 3 co-equal branches of govt, and thus is not subordinate to congress.  So obviously the laws congress makes don't apply to me or my federal workers.

"Since the Secretary of Skate is part of the executive branch--my administration--it follows that the laws passed by the legislature don't apply to the Secretary any more than they do to the president.

This is such a fundamental principle of the constitution that I'm sure my good friends on the Supreme Court will make a formal finding very soon now.

So don't get all wee-wee'd up over any alleged failure of the former Secretary of Skate--who will also be your next president--to obey laws, since they clearly don't apply to her, any more than they apply to me.  They can't.  It says that right in the Constitution.

Posted by: B.H. Obama, Constitutional law professor


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