Thursday, July 21

Reporters discover secret annex of Iran treaty; State Dept says *not* secret, just not revealed to the American public

One of the things the Obama regime touts as an example of their great negotiating skill is the nuclear treaty-but-not-really-a-treaty with the mullahs of Iran.  It was so faabulous that they had to declare that even though it was to be a binding agreement between the U.S. and Iran, they weren't calling it a "treaty."

They couldn't call it a treaty because if it was, they'd have to get a 2/3 vote of the senate before it would be binding.  That's called "ratification," and until Obama this was the way all treaties were handled.  It was a check against a naive or stupid president making dumb treaties, for whatever reason. 

Team Obama knew the agreement with Iran was so one-sided against the U.S. that they'd never get a 2/3 vote to ratify. 

Solution?  Just don't call it a "treaty."

Neat, huh.  See how that works?

Now:  Before this non-treaty was finalized, many of the provisions of the thing were kept secret even from members of congress--because the regime knew that if the provisions were revealed before the deal was done, the public would be so furious that they'd never get even the simple majority vote that they finagled to pass the thing.  But after they got the bare-majority approval they wanted--obviously way easier than the two-thirds vote needed to ratify a treaty--they promised the public that all the terms of this crap agreement had been disclosed.

I know you'll all be totally shocked to learn that Obama and Kerry and the whole crew of top Democrats...lied to you about this super-wonderful non-treaty.

It's now been discovered that a major annex to the non-treaty treaty hadn't been revealed to the public.  This prompted a reporter to ask a State Department spokesman how the administration could have said all the provisions had been made public when in fact they hadn't.

Watch the following video.  Watch as the spokesman tapdances and dodges.  "Oh no, it's not at all secret," he says, "because the people negotiating it knew about it.

When you watch this you get a feeling you've seen this performance before.  Finally it hits:  It's the same performance done by Hillary--who when asked "Did you wipe your private email server?" replied:
You mean like, with a cloth?
And yet a majority of voters are about to elect this creature president.


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