Tuesday, July 19

Germany tries to deport a handful of immigrants--they refuse to leave. Now what?

‘Massive failure’ as thousands of migrants slated for deportation stay in Germany

GERMAN officials are reporting a "massive failure in the rule of law" as tens of thousands of immigrants due for deportation defy the government and remain in the country.

A secret report by interior ministers of all of Germany's 16 states says tens of thousands of migrants scheduled to be flown to their homelands in the past few months are still in the country being supported by German taxpayers.

One big cause of this is that migrants facing deportation lie about who they are and where they're from.  And 70 percent of men under 40 are claiming they're suddenly too sick to fly.

And hundreds of liberal German doctors are refusing to sign certificates stating that those intended for expulsion are fit to fly.  Which has utterly predictable results:  In one recent incident the state of Saxony chartered an aircraft to fly 49 Tunisians back home.  Only 13 boarded: the identity of the others could either not be proved or else they had gone into hiding among the migrant community.
Other tricks include deportees hiding their children with friends or relatives knowing officials will not send them home without them.

In one recent case the government chartered a jet to fly natives of Guinea home on a jet with a crew of 14, 13 accompanying police officers and a traveling doctor.  Only 3 of the scheduled men showed up. 

A rational person looks at this situation and thinks, "What the hell did the German elites think would happen?   When the government demands that an unlimited number of anti-western people--who think democracy is evil and women are chattel--be allowed to enter the country, can anyone be surprised that they don't obey when the host country tries to deport some of 'em?

Kind of like the situation here in the emperor's empire, where less than five percent of illegal immigrants even bother to show up for their scheduled hearing.  Too inconvenient, maybe?  Yeah.  Kind of like obeying any law. 

Or like the president deciding which laws he'll choose to enforce and which he'll ignore.

Neat, huh?  Government is SO much more efficient when one person makes every decision.  No messy debate, no embarrassing publicity.  Much better, eh citizen?



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