Tuesday, July 19

Former head of Fannie Mae knocked down $100 MILLION while with that agency--and more on retiring.

You've probably never heard of James Johnson.  He was a major figure in the Democrat party, and CEO of one of the tens of thousands of alphabet agencies tied to the federal government:  the Federal National Mortgage Association, usually shortened to "Fannie Mae."

Johnson retired with a pension of $71,000 per MONTH.

That's not a typo.  It's $900,000 per year.

More staggering yet, while Johnson was employed at Fannie Mae he received a staggering $100 MILLION in salary and mysteriously-contrived bonuses.  That isn't a type either:  this asshole actually bagged $100 million dollars.

For Democrats, liberals and "progressives" who probably believe this is all right-wing fiction, do ya know who Bill Moyers is?  PBS fixture, 100 percent liberal.  This info is from his website.

But hey, don't be a bit concerned, citizen:  You've probably heard the Left bitching about obscene CEO salaries many times, but they don't mean CEO's of quasi-government agencies.  After all, you never heard a thing about this before now, right?  Meaning the Democrat Media didn't touch it.

The only reason it's come out now is a couple of people wrote a well-researched book called "Reckless Endangerment."  And besides, it's only money.  And under the brilliant leadership of your emperor, the federal government's deficit for this year is down to a measly $600 Billion so what's another million or so stolen per year, eh?

Hey, the country's in the very best possible hands.  Well, if you're trying to destroy the Constitution, the rule of law and the way of life we grew up under.  But don't worry, citizen:  You'll still have cable TV.  And soup.  And powdered milk and government cheese.  What's not to like?


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