Monday, July 18

BLM proposes disbanding police forces--and they seem to be serious

There's a basic observation that when a tactic works, you keep using it.  People don't stop using a successful tactic until the other side develops a successful counter to it.

Many black demonstrators around the country are demanding that police be defunded and disbanded.  But in several cities they're pushing for an intermediate step: just cut police budgets by ten percent and put that money services or review boards or children's programs or mumble mumble.  And given the current climate of attacks on cops, chances are good that craven city politicians wanting to win black votes will agree that diverting a mere ten percent of police funding won't hurt policing by a detectable amount.

With the mis-labeling characteristic of leftists they call this "rebalancing," cuz everyone knows "balance" is good.  If they succeed in this, the precedent will be set.  And just like Democrat congresswhores diverting money from national defense to fund free shit for voters, once the principle is established it's highly unlikely to end at ten percent.

Hell, some countries make cops buy their own guns, so why not do that here?  Or, experts say cops are more effective on foot that in cars, so why not cut the number of patrol cars by, say, a third?  See how it works?

Now, I'll readily admit that most cops are on much higher alert when stopping black males than other groups.  Given the percentages of black males shooting cops this strikes me as entirely appropriate.  Are police sometimes to quick to use force--including shooting?  Clearly.

And what about disbanding public policing altogether?  Y'know, that seems like an idea worth trying--in Demcrat-run cities and states first, of course.  It would be great if 3 or 4 of the most solidly-Democrat-controlled cities or states would find out how well disbanding their police forces works.  Then the entire nation--and all voters--would get to see whether this idea is any good.

In fact, seems to me this would be a great idea with all the really faaabulous proposals from the Left--test 'em in Democrat-run cities first and see how well--or poorly--they work.  That would save the rest of us so much misery!


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