Wednesday, July 20

Attacker stabs French mother and her 3 daughters; authorities mystified as to possible motive

A French mother and her three daughters were stabbed while on vacation in the French Alps.  The attacker was from Morocco.

Both families were vacationing in the French Alps and were in neighboring suites.  The mother had helped the man the previous day when he became ill.

The next day the girls--8, 12 and 14 years old--were having breakfast on their porch when the attacker came over, stabbed all 3, then went inside and stabbed their mother.  The youngest girl suffered a punctured lung and is reported to be in critical condition.

No French official would speculate as to the reason for the attack, but all of them assured reporters that whatever the reason, "it had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam."

Officials also heatedly denied that the man attacked the girls because they were "scantily clad."  However, a rogue, right-wing, anti-government TV network (TF1) reported that this was indeed the motive, as all 3 girls were wearing...shorts.

Gee, hard to imagine anyone getting upset about that, right?  I mean, have you ever heard of anyone getting so offended by *shorts* on girls that they stab them?  Anyone?


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