Monday, July 18

Why did so many elites--including the emperor--loudly oppose the idea of the UK leaving the EU?

If you don't follow politics closely you might not have noticed that your emperor and senior Democrat congresswhores [has nothing to do with either sex or gender] were highly upset about the Brits voting to leave the EU.

A great question to ask is, why was that?

A few weeks before the vote Obama actually threatened the Brits, saying that if they voted to leave the EU his administration would kick the UK to the back of the line when it came to negotiating trade deals.

How crappy is that?  Imagine the howls of *outrage* from the Democrat media if the prime minister of the UK had threatened retaliation if your emperor pushed through the Trans-Pacific trade agreement?

Imagine how a majority of Americans would react if Mexico's president threatened to cut off trade with the U.S. if congress (spit!) ever grew a pair and decided to build a wall on the southern border.

But then Barry seems to be totally tone-deaf when it comes to dealing with basically everyone--foreign or domestic--other than his lackeys and toadies in the press.

By contrast, it's easy to understand why EU politicians--both national leaders and the unelected (appointed) members of the infamous, dictatorial "EU parliament" are upset:  EU "representatives" fear that if other nations follow the U.K, their jobs might evaporate.  Heads of state see the vote to leave as reducing the EU's economic and political power (such as it may be).  But why should the emperor of the United States care whether Britain voted one way or the other?

I think there are a couple of plausible reasons--and I also think it will be *extremely* informative to investigate those reasons:
    First, the vote to leave the EU was widely seen as a rejection by ordinary UK citizens of the forced importation of muslim immigrants into the UK by their government.  The immigrants end up in taxpayer-funded housing, and on welfare.  Many have multiple wives and dozens of kids.  Meanwhile the average UK working stiff struggles to pay his electric bill. 

The European parliament constantly bitched at member nations to get 'em to "take their fair share" of immigrants, despite the huge problems those so-called refugees were clearly causing.  A majority of Britain's voters got fed up with the EU forcing the UK--with David Cameron's approval--to accept anti-western, anti-democracy, anti-freedom, misogynistic muslims into the nation--and then being forced to give them welfare and free housing.  And finally the people spoke, through their votes.

Moreover, most analysts agreed that if Britain voted to leave the EU, other EU member states were likely to follow rather than continuing to be forced to admit even more unskilled, violent, misogynistic, anti-western immigrants.  And sure enough, after the vote, France, Italy and the Netherlands are said to be considering asking their people whether they want to join the UK in leaving the EU.

Another reason why Barry threatened UK voters has to do with U.S. domestic politics:  As just noted, the UK vote to leave represents a victory for "ordinary" citizens fed up with the EU--essentially an unaccountable, unelected super-government--forcing them to accept hundreds of thousands of anti-western, anti-democracy, anti-freedom, misogynistic so-called "refugees" into the country.  But of course that's exactly the policy Barry's been forcing on the U.S. for years.

Thus the British vote against continuing to tolerate that is obviously a rejection of one of the emperor's key policies.  And your narcissistic emperor is notoriously thin-skinned when anyone objects to one of his faaabulous policies.

I suspect he's also a bit concerned that this sentiment might spread to even more U.S. voters than it already has.  (And most of those voters who don't have an opinion don't know that the emperor has been flying tens of thousands of so-called "refugees" per year into the U.S.)

If this resistance does spread you can be sure the mainstream media will continue to thoroughly demonize anyone brazen enough to oppose the emperor's policy of forcing us to accept immigrants who are against democracy and western ideas.  The emperor and his media arm will call such people racists and islamophobic, and it'll get worse from there.

Count on it.


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