Wednesday, July 20

Axe attack in Germany, two with life-threatening injuries. Gov't has no idea of the motive.

You may have heard that a 17-year-old immigrant went on an ax-and-knife rampage on a train in southern Germany, wounding five people (two have life-threatening injuries).

German officials were very disingenuous in describing the attack.  The interior minister said witnesses reported the attacker yelled out "an exclamation" as he was striking his defenseless victims with his axe. 

Do you find it even remotely plausible that the witnesses said "he yelled an exclamation as he attacked"?  I don't either.

Fortunately a slew of news agencies were able to interview witnesses independently, and what the witnesses actually reported was that the guy was yelling "Allahu akhbar."  Which puts things in rather a different light, eh?
The German interior minister knew what the attacker yelled, of course, but he didn't want ordinary German citizens to know.  Because the German government--like the emperor's regime--is totally committed to letting an unlimited number of so-called "refugees" into the country without any background check. 

Now a few enterprising reporters have learned more:  In a video posted by the Islamic State that purports to show the attacker, the young man calls on others to “kill these infidels in the countries that you live in.”  “You can see I have lived in your own home and have planned to behead you in your own territory,” the young man says in Pashto while brandishing a knife.

The interior minister’s office told the dpa news agency that investigators had determined that the video was authentic.  If you live in the U.S. you won't read this in the Democrat media, nor will you see the video.  You might well ask why not.  You won't get an answer but it'll be interesting.

The interior minister also took care to note that the attacker appeared to be a calm person and "not overtly religious."  Wow, that's a relief.  Cuz otherwise the ordinary shmuck might well think the attack had some vague, tenuous connection with Islam--which many liberals and Democrats still loyally call the religion of peace.

Looks like German elites still aren't serious on solving the problem of self-professed, unvetted "refugees" fucking up their country--and gravely injuring ordinary German civilians.


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