Tuesday, July 26

First day of the Dim convention, and what was missing?

On the first day of the Democratic national convention, 61 speakers took the podium.  Not one mentioned ISIS.  Why not?  Because as far as they're concerned, not only is Islamic terrorism not a problem, it's actually rude to Muslims to mention it. 

One other thing:  On Monday there wasn't a single American flag visible, either on the stage or in the entire hall.  Why?  Because as Moochelle said, "it's just a piece of cloth."  Besides, a huge chunk of Democrat voters aren't U.S. citizens quite yet (not until 100 days after Hillary and company take office, when her v.p. pick has promised she will give them amnesty), so they're likely to be offended by our nation's flag.

As Hillary said: "Patriotism.  Who needs it?" 

Oh wait, did I mis-quote her?  Sorry, it wasn't intentional, just "careless."  I thought I heard her say that.  So by her standards--and those of our thoroughly stupid or corrupt FBI director, and every Democrat--there's no problem, since there was no "intent."

Wow, I just *love* the new standard for lawskating.  Thanks, Hillary!


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