Monday, July 11

Emperor on Dallas shooting: "We have no idea what his motive was."

It seems clear that the Dallas shooter was nuts.  But with that said, it's also been established that in his lengthy (about 2 hours) conversations with a police negotiator he said he wanted to kill police, "especially white officers."  So even though crazy, that was his motive.

Interesting, then, that with all the resources at the emperor's beck and call--all the wire-service feeds and TV coverage--the emperor would later say "We have no idea what his motive was."

Ya gotta wonder:  If the emperor knew that for the last seven years he'd been fanning the flames of black anger toward whites, and then this happened, would he make every effort to deny the guy's own stated motive, since that might make people ask questions about how much effect the emperor's statements had on the guy's mental state.

Nah, he probably just thinks the killer's stated reason for why he did it was just an effort to mislead investigators or something.

Yeah, that's gotta be it.


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