Friday, May 13

State Department claims it can't find a single email between Hillary and her State IT expert

If you're like most Americans you probably know there was some sort of flap about Hillary Clinton's email. But that story came out ages ago, and you're busy trying to raise kids and make a living (or if you're a student, trying to get thru finals), so you almost certainly don't recall what the flap was about, or why there was a controversy in the first place.

As one representative Democrat said, "Who cares about someone's emails?"


So if you don't recall what it was about or why it's important, or here's a short summary:  When Obama named Hillary as Secretary of State, a State Dept employee computer techie named Bryan Pagliano worked for her.  Apparently acting on Hillary's orders, Pagliano to set up a private email server at her home in New York. 

This by itself would be fine.  Even high-ranking federal officials are allowed to have private email accounts.  But they're not supposed to conduct or discuss official business using a non-government email account.

But of course Hillary has always considered laws as applying only to "little people," not to important elites like her.  So she began using her unofficial, private email for discussing official business.

Okay, so far pretty minor stuff.

But soon she started ordering her assistants at State to forward Secret and even Top Secret cables from overseas embassies to her private server.  She must have known the rules for handling classified information prohibited this--because the classified cables sent to her private server had been printed, had the classification stamps cut off, then were scanned and sent as attachments.

Needless to say, this had to be done deliberately, on someone's orders. her assistants to cut off, but again, rules don't apply to her, so....  

But other than violating a rule that has resulted in ordinary people being sent to prison, there was another problem here:  Her server was unencrypted--meaning someone with normal hacking skill could read all emails in and out.

Meaning a hostile foreign nation could easily read the most sensitive information being sent to the SecState.  And her orders arising from those cables.

Now:  Realizing that Obama was not about to let his justice department do an honest investigation of the woman in line to take over the presidency from the corrupt emperor, Republicans filed a Freedom of Information Act request months ago asking the State Department to provide copies of all unclassified emails between Pagliano--the IT gopher who installed Hillary's private email server--and Hillary. 

State simply ignored the FOIA request, so the Repubs filed suit--a normal procedure when a government agency decides to ignore the request. 

When someone files suit, the defendant must respond or face the possibility of a directed verdict in favor of the plaintiff.  So last Friday State responded.  And according to an official, sworn court filing said this:

We have been unable to locate even a single email to or from Hillary Clinton's former IT aide at State.
Let this sink in for a minute:  Not only no emails between Hillary and her IT guy about installing her private mail server in New York, but no emails between the two at all.

That response prompts rational adults not on the Democrat plantation to ask: Do they think we're that stupid?

The answer is obvious:  Yes.  They know no one will be prosecuted for any act that helps the Democrats win the presidency yet again.

BTW, Pagliano was offered immunity by the Justice Department in March in exchange for cooperating with the investigation into Clinton's use of the server, which involves more than 2,000 classified messages that Clinton sent or received during her tenure as secretary of state.

He turned down the offer, refusing to testify.  This is unheard of:  Normally people accept offers of immunity, for obvious reasons.  You'd only turn one down for one of two reasons:  Either you know you'll never be prosecuted; or you're willing to risk prosecution in order to advance a more important goal.  Like not damaging Hillary's chances of winning the presidency.

Oh, last Monday State spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters the agency was still looking for any emails between the two while Clinton was secretary.

Yeah.  Just like OJ Simpson vowed to find the person who killed his wife.


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