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UTx student nearly killed by illegal-immigrant who'd been previously deported but re-entered; media ignore story

Let me show you a tiny example of how the media deliberately slants their stories to either gloss over things that would damage an agenda they support, or else make trivial things into huge "OMG" stories that dominate the news cycle for days.

This story is an example of the former.  Here's how Houston's channel 39 reported it--under the headline "What a drag: Austin cyclist gets dragged thru the streets":
AUSTIN, TX - Getting dragged out of bed is a horrible feeling . . . what's even worse is getting dragged through the streets.

In Austin, Elizabeth English, was riding her bike when a truck hit her on MLK Blvd. According to attorney, Brad Houston, "Her body was literally being ground by the pavement; the driver of that vehicle . . . I'm sure he heard it".

Although the driver, Artemio Avila, says he only heard a slight bump -- witnesses say English was screaming for dear life.

English is slowly recovering, using a dry erase board to communicate.
That's it.  Given the humorous lead 'graf, apparently it wasn't too serious, eh?  But if you look at some Austin sources, turns out English--a student at U of Tx Austin--was horribly injured, critical condition with her spine exposed and half her pelvis ground off.

Austin station KXAN gave a bit more detail, under the headline "Bicyclist dragged for blocks by driver who failed to stop:"
AUSTIN (KXAN) — A bicyclist was left with severe injuries after a man hit her with a truck and dragged her several blocks [later stated more accurately as "half a mile"].  The driver, Artemio Avila, faces charges for failing to stop and render aid after hitting the young woman.

On March 29 just after 10 p.m., officers received reports of a crash involving a bicyclist. According to the affidavit, Elizabeth English was dragged underneath the vehicle for several blocks [again note the understatement of the seriousness] before the driver took off.  Police say the bicyclist was dragged for nearly half-a-mile, from Airport Boulevard to Greenwood Avenue.

Medical staff report that English is still listed in critical condition.

While the driver didn’t stop, witnesses reported hearing her screaming as the truck dragged her for four-tenths of a mile.
Witnesses were able get a description of the vehicle as a Dodge Ram pickup with an attached camper shell. The next day, an Austin Police Department officer on his way home from work noticed the suspect’s truck. He was familiar with the suspect vehicle because he was involved in the crash scene investigation the night before. Damage observed to the vehicle included blood on the hood and fresh paint scrapes.
An on-duty officer came and followed the vehicle into Kyle, where the driver was pulled over for a traffic stop. The driver, Artemio Avila, was arrested but he claimed he did not know anything about the crash, according to court documents.

During police questioning Avila said he was home the night of the crash by 6 p.m. and had allowed his cousin to lend the truck to a man named Chago, continued in the affidavit. When police questioned Avila’s cousin, Jesus Aguilar, he told officers he didn’t know anyone named Chago and that Avila wasn’t home until after 10 p.m. on the night of the crash.

Avila eventually admitted to police he was involved in the crash, claiming to have heard a “slight bump on the passenger side of the truck,” as stated in the affidavit. “He was more worried about himself than the fact that he was killing a fellow human being and that is very disturbing,” said Houston.
Nowhere in the article is the phrase "hit-and-run" mentioned.  And not until the 11th paragraph does the station finally get around to mentioning that the driver was an illegal alien who had re-entered the U.S. a second time after being deported 8 years ago.

Wow.  You'd think "hit-and-run driver drags college student under his truck for 2000 feet; driver is an illegal who was previously deported and re-entered" would be the core of the story.  But not to the mainstream Democrat media.

Now:  I'm well aware that "accidents happen."  Thanks.  The problem is that when an illegal causes an accident, they're highly motivated to flee the scene, since being caught will cause them a lot of hassle even if--as is usual in these cases today--the emperor refuses to deport them because of his new policy on such things.

Also, Mexican men seem to have a far higher rate of DWI than locals.  I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason for this, but that doesn't help the victim.  But the real point of this post is that the media won't tell you the whole truth about things like this--because it damages their party and their agenda.

If some Republican state rep committed a hit-and-run on a college student in Austin, it would be headline news for three weeks, with breathless updates on the victim's condition as she struggled to recover from her devastating injuries.  Jail time would be certain.  The station would do an update on the anniversary of the crime to tell viewers how the victim's life had been affected by the horrible accident.  So why does the same crime warrant almost no coverage at all when committed by a previously-deported illegal who re-entered illegally a second time?

But you already know why.

Now for the predictions:  He won't be deported, and won't get any jail time.  Local cops will be mystified.  Prosecutors will know, because they'll get the word from the emperor's ICE: We'll handle this--no need for you to spend your limited, valuable resources prosecuting it.
Other stations that had stories that showed up on a google-search have removed 'em from their sites.  But I'm sure it's just an accident.  I could only find two actual, surviving news stories about the accident.

Here's a pic of the hit-and-run driver:
 Is charged with hitting bicyclist Elizabeth English.


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