Monday, April 18

University bans students from chalking "political" messages on sidewalks--at least for candidates that scare 'em

The insanity of "special snowflake" college students claiming to be (gasp!) offended by any of a huge list of normally inoffensive things is starting to have "knock-on effects," as the Brits say. 

In this case the offense claimed is due to a two-word phrase chalked on some sidewalk of a university--a word that supposedly reduces these "special snowflakes" to quivering masses of offended jelly.

It's not "support life," or "traditional marriage" or anything similar.  Instead it's "Trump 2016."  And the snowflakes claim to be both horrified and traumatized.

So they went running to the (solidly leftist) administration of their respective universities.  And at DePaul, instead of being told in no uncertain terms that this was legally protected free speech, they found support from the (solidly leftist) administration.

Who proceeded to...wait for it...ban the chalking of political messages on campus sidewalks.

Actually they've just banned chalking of political messages the university officials don't approve of.

Funny, that.  Almost like between the hard-left, anti-capitalism snowflakes and the university administrators.

This is how a free nation becomes, by degrees, a totalitarian state.


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