Wednesday, May 4

U.S. cruise ship pulls into Cuba, and the emperor's policy has the effect he intended

Your emperor removed all restrictions on trade and travel between the U.S. and Cuba.  Because this was an act by their king, it was touted by the Democrat-fellating U.S. media as the most wonderful, marvelous thing since the Creation.

Let's see what effect it's had:

A U.S. cruise ship pulled into a Cuban port a day ago.  Among the folks on the pier watching it dock was a Cuban with an American flag draped over his back.  He was enthusiastic about the historic event.

He was arrested by Castro's goon squad.

The crowd cheered as he was hustled off in the back seat of a police car.

The emperor's faabulous act of normalizing relations with Cuba will have the effect of funneling a few hundred million tourist dollars a year to the dictatorship.  (In communist Cuba wages are dictated by the government, and the official wage for most Cubans is...$30 a month.  Seriously.)  Cuban who aren't part of the ruling elite will see no benefits.  No improvement in their freedom of speech or access to the outside.

But the Castros and their lackeys will benefit handsomely.

Which was the real reason for the emperor's action.  Either that or he's hopelessly stupid.  And he isn't stupid.  Brilliantly cunning, yes.


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