Monday, April 25

How to re-write history: Take a friendly MSM reporter and...

Wanna know how the people who tell you what they claim is true re-write history?  Watch as the AP rewrites history--in this case totally whitewashing the history of one John "Magic Hat" Kerry...
(AP) — Before joining [the emperor] on [the emperor's] first trip to Vietnam next month, John Kerry will take a day to reflect on his long and complicated history with the Asian country, first as a soldier and later as a war protester and statesman. 
You can already see this is a slobbering PR piece for Kerry. headlining a gathering this week of big names assembled to again revisit the Vietnam War at the presidential library of Lyndon B. Johnson in Austin....
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and news anchor Dan Rather will also attend. Kerry, who fought with distinction in Vietnam before returning home to protest the war...
Stop right there.

VietNam was supposed to be a one-year assignment for all troops.  Kerry was there for a grand total of six weeks before hightailing it out.  He got his free pass out because he claimed to have been "wounded" three times.  One of these was described by the treating doc as "a scratch."  A second was said to be "hardly more than a scratch."  But Kerry--like many privileged kids (but certainly not all)--pounced on the "3-and-out" provision to bug out.

For the AP to claim Kerry "fought with distinction" is an insult to combat vets who did.

Example #2,854,963 of how the politically connected re-write history.


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