Wednesday, May 4

Emperor to declare new national monument; guess what he's honoring?

Your emperor--he of the faabulous Nobel peace prize, the illegal non-treaty treaty giving Iran carte blanche to build nuclear weapons; the same emperor who writes his own laws and refuses to enforce laws he doesn't like; and the same one whose ill-conceived act wrecked the health insurance system--isn't resting on his many accomplishments.

Instead he's about to designate a new national monument--an action scheduled for June.

And can you guess what he's decided is worth honoring with this designation?

Why, that would be a gay bar in New York City.

Many of you may think this is a nasty fabrication, designed to hurt Da One's reputation.  It's not.  It's really about to happen.

The clue is the response by the White Hut:  They refused to confirm the story.

But of course this story is probably from Faux News, or some equally low-rent home for faux "journalists."  And you're right:  It's from the Washington Post.


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