Monday, April 25

State Dept tech guy who installed Hillary's server reverses, refuses to testify despite immunity

Another bomb has dropped in the continuing series of outrages about the future empress of the U.S., Hillary Clinton.  Of course you didn't hear about it. 

That's not your fault, of course.  The mainstream media--the NY Slimes, Washington P****, the alphabet networks--should have told you.

They didn't.  You might well be curious as to why.

Anyway, here's the bomb:  A guy named Bryan Pagliano was a computer specialist at the State Department when Hilly was SecState.  Hill asked him to set up her unsecured, non-government email server in a closet at her house in New York.

Two congressional committees are investigating how this came about, and last November they asked Pagliano to testify.  He refused, invoking the fifth amendment right to not be compelled to testify if doing so would incriminate yourself.

After much debate, congress then offered to give him immunity against prosecution in exchange for his testimony.  He agreed to testify.

Now his attorney has informed Congress that despite his agreement to testify if given immunity from prosecution, Pagliano will not testify before the committees investigating Clinton’s email setup.

This is a bombshell--a smoking gun.  If you believe you might be at risk of prosecution for something, no rational person would turn down a promise NOT to prosecute you in exchange for testifying.  Unless...

Unless someone else offered him a better deal.

You may well wonder what the hell could possibly be better than guaranteed immunity.  How about a promise of an unconditional pardon AND a lucrative position in a Hillary administration?  And if that doesn't work, there's always the example of former Clinton friend and White House counsel Vince Foster, who was found dead in a park in suburban DC. 

Cause of death was a gunshot through his mouth.  He was sitting against a hill.  Given the known angles of the wound, the slug should have buried itself in the dirt right behind his head.

No slug was found.

The official ruling was suicide, but the physical evidence against it would fill an entire book.  There were far more inconsistencies in Foster's death than the assassination of JFK.  For example, Foster's car was in the parking lot.

No keys were found in the car or on his body, nor in the park.  Hard to figure out where they went.

There were carpet fibers all over his clothes.

They didn't match any from his home or office.  But killers transporting a body often wrap the body in a blanket.

Eh, no big deal.  People get killed all the time in D.C.  People trying to de-fuse the murder speculated that the unfortunate Mr. Foster had simply been robbed and killed.

But in that case why would the robber/killer go to the far greater risk and trouble of moving the body to stage a suicide miles away from the actual murder site?

But I digress:  Pagliano has refused to testify despite a grant of immunity. 

If Colonel Oliver North had refused to testify before the Democrat-controlled congressional committee investigating Iran-Contra despite a grant of immunity, what do you think the Dems would have done?  What would the New York Times have editorialized?  What would it have meant?

Ya think the fix might be in?  Think Pagliano's already been promised immunity or a pardon--long before ever setting foot in a jail--in exchange for NOT testifying?

If I'd told you seven years ago all the utter shit that would go down in the U.S. by 2016 you would have said I was a conspiracy nut.  And yet here we are.

And the amazing thing is, almost no one even notices.  As far as most Americans are concerned, things are about as they've always been.  As a friend put it, things have always been this corrupt.  I don't think so, but then again I'm just an anonymous student of history in flyover country, so my opinion doesn't matter.

Enjoy the last months of the emperor's reign.  Get ready for the empress.


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