Monday, April 18

Remember the flood of illegal "kids" three years ago. Wonder if it's still happening?

Remember how about three years ago there was this absolute flood of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children just pouring across the border?  Ring any bells?

The flood started when your emperor--he who makes laws by executive order, in brazen defiance of the Constitution--totally changed U.S. immigration law by decreeing that his administration would no longer deport illegal immigrants.

Forgot that did ya?  Wait, it gets worse:  As conservatives predicted, after he didn't get impeached for that he then decreed that in addition to allowing the kids in, his minions would no longer deport parents of illegal-immigrant kids in the U.S.

See how neatly that tied together?  I mean, if we didn't allow the parents of the poor waifs to stay here we'd be "breaking apart families," right?  And that just, well, you know, heartless and mean.  And raacist.

So it was a neat two-step, planned from the beginning:  Let any illegal-immigrant kid who sets foot on U.S. soil stay, and then let his or her parents come in legally, without having to even make the trek on foot.  The Democrat party was absolutely thrilled.

But at least the flood of illegal-immigrant kids has ended, so...  Wait, do we know that?  Well sure, because if it was still going on at the same pace as three years ago your unbiased mainstream media would still be reporting it, right?  Right?  And you haven't heard a peep out of the media about this in a couple of years, right?

In that case you'll probably be surprised to learn that the flood of illegal-alien kids hasn't ended.  In fact the numbers even seem to be a bit higher than in 2011. much higher? 

Glad you asked:  between 2011 and 2014 the number of euphemistically-named "UAC's" entering the U.S. rose 1200 percent.

For those who dodged math in school, that's twelve times higher than in 2011.  And even with a much less aggressive border patrol this year, apprehensions of UAC's so far this year are running at 2014's record pace.

Wait, I hear you say:  That's gotta be bullshit--a scare story from Faux News designed to peel votes away from Democrats.  Cuz if it were true we would have heard about it from the alphabet networks.

Sorry, that's from the Congressional Research Service.  But maybe they're lying.  You might wanna ask 'em.

You liberals either still don't see it, or don't believe it, or don't think this is a problem because it will ensure election victories for Democrats--your party--for the next fifty years or so. 

Do remember to thank the emperor for his brilliant policy decision, would ya?  I mean, it's a huge win for your party, eh?  A bit hard on your kids and grandkids, maybe, but that's a small price to pay to control all branches of the government for the next 50 years.  Besides, we hear La Raza--the group of Mexican activists who want to take over California, Arizona and New Mexico--are really just kidding.  They actually support America and its values and just playin' with your head with this talk about a "takeover."

Thanks, Barack!

h/t Washington Free Beacon--definitely not part of the mainstream media.  But definitely click on their link to the Congressional Research Service to confirm that they're not lying to ya.


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