Saturday, March 12

MoveOn supporters force cancellation of Trump rally in Chicago

Following story from the Associated Press, datelined March 11th at 11:52pm.  I'm posting this the next day at 5pm.

If this had been Trump supporters forcing Hillary to cancel a rally by threatening violence it would have been front-page news for a week.  Did you see this event on the network "news"?  If so, how often?

Although I'm not a Trump fan, when the mob can force the other side's leading candidate to cancel a planned political rally, freedom of speech is dead.  This is the "heckler's veto" on steroids.  We've seen it before:  Germany in 1932, with organized street fighters seeking to intimidate opponents and control the debate so their side could be heard and the other side shut down.
CHICAGO (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled one of his signature rallies on Friday, calling off the event due to safety concerns after protesters packed the arena where he was scheduled to speak.

The announcement the billionaire businessman would postpone the rally led a large portion of the crowd inside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion to break out into raucous cheers. Many rushed onto the floor, jumping up and down with their arms up in the air.

"Trump represents everything America is not and everything Chicago is not," said Kamran Siddiqui, 20, a student at the school who was among those celebrating. "We came in here and we wanted to shut this down. Because this is a great city and we don't want to let that person in here."

Some supporters of the Republican front-runner started chanting "We want Trump! We want Trump!" in response to the celebrations, and there were some isolated physical confrontations between members of the crowd. Chicago police said five people were arrested.
As Trump attempts to unify a fractured Republican Party ahead of next week's slate of winner-take-all primary elections, the confrontations between his legion of loyal supporters and protesters who accuse him of stoking racial hatred have become increasingly contentious, underscoring concerns about the divisive nature of his candidacy.
A North Carolina man was arrested after video footage showed him punching an African-American protester being led out of a Trump rally in that state on Wednesday. At that event, Trump recalled a past protester as "a real bad dude."

"He was a rough guy, and he was punching. And we had some people — some rough guys like we have right in here — and they started punching back," Trump said. "It was a beautiful thing."
At Trump's rally earlier Friday in St. Louis he was repeatedly interrupted by protesters. Police there charged nearly three dozen people with general peace disturbance and one person with assault.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, second in delegates to Trump in the GOP race, said late Friday that the billionaire has created "an environment that encourages this sort of nasty discourse."

"When the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence, to punch people in the face, the predictable consequence of that is that is escalates," Cruz said. "Today is unlikely to be the last such incidence."
Wait, it gets better (or worse, depending on your point of view):  Bloggers have found tweets from bragging about the cancellation and thanking all their supporters for doing it.

If this story doesn't strike you as a big deal just go outside and play.  If you do understand the significance, remember where you were the day you heard about it.

To say this is a life-changing event is no understatement.  The lines have been drawn.  By MoveOn and their lackeys.

This abomination might possibly have been turned into a lesson on the absolute necessity for tolerance and civility and the need for civil discourse...if the emperor--the unquestioned leader of the mob--had quickly and unambiguously and forcefully appeared on TV and told the mob's rock-throwers that their behavior was totally out of bounds.  But of course he hasn't.  And if he doesn't do it right away the mob will get the clear message that he's really just kidding.  Let's see what happens.

Update:  As far as I know the emperor never said a word against the mob action.


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