Saturday, March 12

Your emperor fans the flames of racial animosity again

For years now the Democratic party has loudly argued that any efforts to confirm that people wanting to vote are who they say they are--"voter ID laws"--are really intended to make it harder for minorities to vote--thus presumably to reduce minority voting.

Not surprisingly, this claim generates huge support among minorities.

So logically, Democrats should bitch about having to show an ID to fly on the airlines, or to open a bank account, or to get welfare or food stamps.  And of course you've heard about all those protests, right?

Wait, you say you haven't heard of any such protests?

Wow, that's...odd.

You'd think that any rational adult would see the that claims that voter-ID laws unfairly harm minorities--let alone that this is their intent--is bullshit.

So naturally your emperor--who after all is touted by the Dems as *the* great uniter of the races--has given an interview in liberal Austin setting everyone straight on this topic.

Wait, my bad:  What he actually said was "We’re the only advanced democracy in the world that makes it harder for people to vote."

He then went on to claim that the U.S. 
...systematically put[s] up barriers and make[s] it as hard as possible for our citizens to vote, and it is much easier to order pizza or a trip than it is for you to exercise the single most important task in a democracy, and that is for you to select who’s going to represent you in government.
Yeah baby...the great uniter.  Uh-huh.  Don't know which is worse:  if he's just saying this to fan racial conflict or if he actually believes it.


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