Monday, March 14

Popular black TV show lets Hillary blame Republican governor for Flint water disaster

Wanna see how seamlessly the mainstream media works to elect the Democrat candidate?  During a rare moment of crossing a TV screen during the day I happened to catch Steve Harvey devoting an entire show to the water troubles of Flint Michigan.

Now, there's no doubt that the city's water problem is ghastly.  It's also a verifiable fact that the decision to change the source of the town's water from Lake Huron to the Flint River was made by the city council.  Which was entirely composed of...members of the Democratic party.

Of course no political party ever wants to admit that any of their people made a mistake, and it's pretty normal to try to blame someone else for disastrous decisions.  So Dems have cunningly blamed the problem on...the Republican state governor.  Who had nothing at all to do with the decision to change the city's water supply.  But no matter:  It's a great way to shift blame, and the lo-info voter buys it.
The show led with clips of 'town hall' meetings of hysterical citizens screaming that Governor Snyder should be in jail, or should be impeached, or should resign.  (Did we mention the governor is a Republican?)  Then they ran a taped interview between Harvey and the eternally lying Hillary, in which she said the water situation "is not a mistake, not an oversight."

The implication--clearly being pushed by both Hillary and Harvey's network--is crystal clear:  That the contamination of the city's water was due to a deliberate decision by the Republican governor.  Obviously untrue, but Harvey's audience ate it up.

Kinda reminds me of how Venezuela's socialist prezzy has repeatedly blamed that country's lack of such basics as milk, toilet paper, coffee and cooking oil on those meddling yankees.


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