Wednesday, January 6

Pro-immigration mayor of Cologne now says they have no idea who assaulted women on NYE

Yesterday I told you about the mob of 1,000 or so "males" that sexually assaulted women in Germany's 4th-largest city.  Witnesses and victims of the assault described the mob as being composed of men of North African or middle-eastern appearance.  Police detained five, and all were recent immigrants, as identified by EU papers they carried.

The city's female mayor was said to be irate--a position also taken by the city's police chief.  They were NOT gonna put up with this stuff!  No sir!

But then, as they say, a funny thing happened:  Despite cops and the female victims identifying the assailants as being of North African or middle-eastern appearance, mayor Henriette Reker and the police chief now say they really don’t know who the attackers were--and by inference, that the victims either don't know either, or perhaps were lying in their identification.

And the mayor's and chief's proposed solution to the problem?  Ensure that all women attending public festivals or events change their behavior to make such attacks less likely!

We're awaiting scathing comments from NOW or other U.S. feminist organizations--because this is precisely the "she was asking for it" argument they've waged war on for decades.

What?  You say not a single feminist organization has gone postal on the goofy duo in Cologne?  I'm...I'm...well I'd say "surprised" but of course none of us is a bit surprised.

Of course you think this is fiction--that I simply fabricated this to stir up outrage.  Yeah, I can totally understand that, since it sounds so crazy.  But click on the link above and see for yourself.

The mayor and the police chief held what was billed as a "crisis meeting" to de-fuse the outrage beginning to build in Germany from this assault.  Part of their strategy was to discredit the victims' identifications of their attackers.  The mayor was strongly motivated to do this because for years she's been (and remains) a strong supporter of unlimited immigration into Germany.  It's one of the goals of the left.

So to permit the victims' identifications of their assailants as "immigrants" simply wouldn't do.  Gotta' shift the blame immediately!  Click the link above to see their press conference, and the translation.

Here's how a local paper (The Rheinische Post) reported the mayor's press conference:
“Behavioral regulations” for Festivalgoers
The first thing is to concentrate on preventive measures, which will be applied immediately for the upcoming Cologne Festival.  Also there will be “behavioral regulations” for girls and women “so that they will not experience such things again,” said Reker in reference to the sexual attacks. There is already a behavioral catalogue which will now be actualized [?] and will soon be available online.

One of the regulations [sic, but likely a mistranslation; probably "recommendations"] is that women shall keep an arm’s length distance from foreigners, stay with their own groups, don’t separate from that group, and in an emergency ask surrounding people for help and to step in as witnesses or inform the police.  "In an emergency, ask surrounding people for help."  Yeah, I'm sure that never occurred to any of the victims of the assaults.  And since law-abiding Germans have no weapons, I'm sure asking people to help will be very effective.

Oh, and ask surrounding people to "inform the police."  Would that be so the cops can accuse victims of having no idea of the appearance of the men who assaulted them.  Yeah, sounds like a great plan.

(The transcript at Gates of Vienna doesn't begin to accurately portray mayor Henriette Reker's astonishing stupidity or treachery.  To really understand how bad this is you need to see her make these statements herself.  Unfortunately that video at GoV doesn't work, but here's a link to the same vid.  Again, you simply can't believe it until you've seen it.)

Here's how another local German paper reported the aftermath of the assaults:
"No-one should use the attacks to discredit refugees wholesale," said Justice Minister Heiko Maas.  "If there were asylum seekers among the perpetrators, that is far from a reason to place all refugees under general suspicion."  But for many conservatives and people on the far-right, news of the events in Cologne has confirmed rumours coursing online in recent months of increasing numbers of sexual crimes by Muslims in Germany.
Battle lines drawn over media coverage

Almost as great a scandal as the attacks themselves has been the failure of national newspapers and public broadcasters to report on them until days after the event.
Little was heard of the New Year's Eve attacks beyond local media in Cologne until three days later on Monday.
Former Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich accused journalists of operating a "cartel of silence and lockdown of news" and said it was "a scandal that it took days for the public media report the assaults."
The head of the German Journalists' Union retorted that "A report on suspicion that's not covered by solid research is incompatible with the principles of responsible journalism, and inflammatory."  [Ah yes, when considering whether to publish news that undermines the ruling party, by all means let's delay until everyone is absolutely certain of all facts.]
And Tagesspiegel online editor Markus Hesselmann tweeted that "the lesson from Cologne is not to report faster, but to report more exactly, more sensibly, more reliably. All that usually means slower."
Ah yes, let's report "more sensibly, more reliably."  Who could argue with that?  In fact, why don't you media dinosaurs simply not report anything critical of your ruling regimes?  Leave that to the internet.  Even though people who post on the Net lack your "layers and layers of fact-checkers and editors," the only people who believe a word you print or broadcast are people over 65 or members of the so-called "free shit army" who will believe any bullshit from the gummint as long as they get their free shit.

You should also know that one of the standard deflections used by the mainstream media to fail to say a word about a story they don't want to publish is that it's "old news."  If no one prints a word about some negative story for 3 days or so, the mainstream media can and often will ignore it by claiming that no one is interested in the story since it's...wait for it..."old."


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