Monday, December 28

Socialist/leftist: "White men must be stopped."

Headline on an article in the left/socialist rag Salon:

And here's the first sentence, by one "Frank Joyce" writing for something called Alternet:
The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt.
Hey Frank, you've got a great idea there!  White males have just oppressed the hell out of everyone for, oh, centuries!  You have every right to be furious!

In fact, why don't you take your justifiable outrage to the next level:  Why not organize a boycott of every one of whitey's oppressive, eeebil devices--cunningly and deceptively called (by white males, naturally)-- "inventions"?   Of course every feeling person knows all those things are really just sly traps to enslave minorities and good socialists and trap them under the yoke of other white males. the barricades, comrades!  Use your bully pulpit to teach whitey not to oppress minorities and women and socialists!  Boycott the airlines!  After all, airplanes were invented by white males!  Urge all good socialists to stop driving!  Because after all, automobiles were invented by you-know-who.

Don't get an X-ray, or a Cat-scan, or an MRI, because all those things were invented by....

Throw away your cell phone, and get your good socialist friends to do the same!  Because....

Throw out your television--of course as a good socialist you surely did that years ago, but urge your oppressed friends to do the same.  Because....

Throw out your lightbulbs--including fluorescents and LED's.  Hey, if candles were good enough for Africa they should be good for everyone, right?

And of course, give away any computers you have.  Because--well, you know....

Don't buy any food that's been transported in one o' them nasty Diesel trucks, cuz you can't get much more white-European-male than Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel.  In fact, don't buy any food that's cultivated or harvested with a tractor, because the farm tractor was the cunning invention know.

This is gonna' be SO awesome!  You and your good socialist friends are really gonna stick it to those white males, eh?  You'll show those nasty oppressors, right?

And with jetliners and the highways so empty, whitey will realize how oppressive he's been, and how important y'all are by comparison.  It's gonna be so lonely on commercial planes and on the roads!

Power to the [right] people, comrade!


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