Thursday, May 21

Obama's press secretary: Our strategy in Iraq has been "a success overall"

Unless you're under 30 or a Democrat you probably know that the merry beheaders of the muslim killers calling themselves Islamic State have taken the Iraqi city of Ramadi.  And a day later, the Syrian city of Palmyra.

If you know anything about the history of military conflict you probably think this is a bad thing.  But Obama's press secretary disagrees.  He says the emperor's strategy in Iraq "has been a success overall."

Seriously.  At his daily press briefing Tuesday press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that despite some “setbacks,” the U.S.-led coalition to defeat ISIS has been a success overall.

A reporter asked him “You said, ‘we’ve seen periods of progress and success.’ Would you say that overall it’s been a success?”  Josh Earnest answered, “yeah – overall yes. Doesn’t mean there haven’t been areas of setbacks as we saw in Ramadi….”

Earnest noted that the success of the president's strategy in Iraq is just one of dozens of similar successes by the president:  Iran's agreement to stop work on developing an atomic bomb in exchange for the U.S. lifting all economic sanctions and unfreezing a mere ten billion in Iranian assets in U.S. banks; the nearly one-trillion-dollar "Stimulus" bill that changed the U.S. economy from almost dead after the last president to the strongest in decades; the brilliant use of advanced budgeting techniques that has produced repeated surpluses and cut the deficit in half; the regime change in Libya, which has enabled that nation to post record tourism income from visitors eager to see its legendary gardens and street mimes; the unprecedented level of racial harmony in the U.S. as a result of the colorblind application of the law, and many others.

Earnest added that the reason so few Americans understand all these brilliant successes is that the media is "totally controlled by Wall Street, and all those folks hate the president because he's black."

And all the reporters nodded in agreement.


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