Monday, May 18

Interesting names for bills in South Africa

Seems like one of the tactics used by communists to get people to abandon the Constitution is to pass laws that violate that Constitution.  If the people don't immediately revolt and kill the communists, they win, because eventually the laws become more and more totalitarian, and freedom slowly disappears.

One of the hallmarks of this process is that the government gives the freedom-grabbing laws names that utterly belie their true purpose.  Thus a law that allows the government to arbitrarily take property away from one person and give it to another is named something like "the Affordable Care Act."

Did you think I was talking about the U.S.?  Well perhaps, but right now I'm looking at South Africa, where communism has pretty much taken over.  They found easy pickins as a result of the traditional tribal system--in which the chief is the absolute ruler, with total power--combined with the longstanding class envy blacks have toward whites.  It's hard to imagine a more effective combination.

Now the communist government is grabbing white-owned homesteads like mad, and giving the land to blacks.  You say that's not legal?  Pay attention, citizen:  the government took care to see that any complaints of "expropriation" would be found unsupportable.  Because what you think is "expropriation" isn't that at all.  It's merely "deprivation."  Surely you see the difference, right?

According to a constitutional court verdict of 2013 there is a difference between “deprivation” and “expropriation”. According to that verdict the state can take any property and give it to someone else as long as the state does not become the owner of said property but only plays a “facilitator” role.

Much like the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Kelo, eh?

- According to the government’s Green Paper on Land Reform, from now on a "land control commission" will decide how all land is used.  It will have the power to make arbitrary decisions on title deed disputes.

- The Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill (Investment Bill for short) states that government may expropriate businesses at below market value all in the interestof “redressing past inequalities”. This means ANY property being used for a business can be seized.

- Under The Infrastructure Development Bill land can be expropriated within 57 days for any “development project.”  Will such a broad scope, this bill will likely open the door for further corruption.

- The Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill will make it almost impossible for white property owners to evict anyone from "their" land.

- Under The Rental Housing Amendment Bill a home owner who chooses to rent a property will not be permitted to set the rent amount.  Rental housing tribunals will do that.

- According to The National Water Amendments Bill a Water Tribunal will issue licences to use water.  In effect this means the government will have the right to withhold water from any farmer, thus forcing him out of business.

Much like the feds in the Central Valley in California, eh?

I have to admit I'm not familiar with the bills Mike cites, but it all sounds very familiar.

No wait...(ahem)..."Don't worry, citizen.  None of that could ever happen here."

Repeat phrase as necessary to easy anxiety.


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