Sunday, May 17

Western politicians don't understand ISIS--and can't

ISIS is just the latest force in the 1000-year struggle by Islam to dominate the world. 

Many analysts focus on the fact that at the moment many of their efforts are to defeat their main Muslim competition--the Shia--but this is distraction, because the ultimate goal is to own the world.

Those who believe they're fighting for Allah have a huge advantage: they are far more determined than those fighting for any mere government.  While all soldiers know their job could possibly cost their life, ISIS fighters--as many other Muslim fanatics have shown--are quite willing to blow themselves up for the cause.  Thus just as we saw the suicidal hijackings of 9/11, we see ISIS suicide bombers blowing holes in city gates and barricades.  It's the Muslim version of the smart bomb.

And those who aren't chosen as suicide bombers are totally convinced that Allah will grant them victory.  What they lack in materiel and training they make up for in fanatical determination.  They will literally do anything to win.  Thus even before ISIS was formally organized we've seen Muslims wrapping explosives around 6-year-old kids, or mentally retarded kids, and sending 'em toward checkpoints.  Or hijacking jetliners and flying them into buildings.

The effeminate political "leaders" of the West aren't even remotely prepared to confront the truth of what the fanatics of ISIS are willing to do.  It's as if they've forgotten 9/11 happened.  Most western politicians, being totally non-religious, literally cannot truly believe this level of determination exists.  They can grasp it as an intellectual abstraction, but that's all.

ISIS will continue to kill and advance until stopped by a greater force, and exterminated.  By all indications it will take many more years for this realization to penetrate the consciousness of the "men without chests" who head the so-called Western democracies, and their ludicrously deluded Kumbayah-singing liberal/"progressive" supporters.

And until that happens, tens of thousands more innocents will be slaughtered who need not have been, because of this lack of moral clarity by western pols.

They will call for "surgical strikes" and precision raids to eliminate "key" leaders. But the leaders of these fanatics are interchangeable, so the war--and the needless deaths--will continue.


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